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Comes with a kickin' rad ~10 minute soundtrack!

"Santa and Rudolph, lone warriors for keeping Christ in Christmas, stand against an Illuminati Onslaught after the North Pole is nuked. Atomic Santa: Christmas Omega is a short-but-sweet festive shmup/platformer experience by Jay Tholen. The soundtrack comes free with every download."

TEMPORARY MAGIC CHRISTMAS FIX: Press 'H' if you get stuck in a level. I hate bugs! Merry Christmas!

IF YOU ARE DOING A LET'S PLAY, LIVESTREAMING, OR RECORDING FROM THE GAME, USE THE LIVESTREAM/RECORDING BUILD! It removes an effect that looks really weird on recordings/livestreams. Sometimes you can't see certain sprites at all depending on your framerate.

Santa is having a really bad day.

With their nefarious scheme to remove Christ from Christmas in full swing, the Illuminati requests an alliance with the Jolly Old Elf. Santa is hearing none of it, so phone calls are made, drones are dispatched, and the North Pole is nuked.

Upon finding Santa and Rudolph's remains, the surviving elves whisk their old friends down to a submerged facility for medical attention. With science, elf magic, and plot armor at their disposal, they successfully restore Santa and Rudolph to a stable condition. Also, Rudolph is now a nose-laser-wielding cyborg, and Santa has atomic powers.

After a second attack on the North Pole, Santa and Rudolph set off to on a short-but-intense three level power fantasy to put Christ back into Christmas.

Ho-ho-hope those Illuminati jerks aren't Claus-tropohbic.

All sales from this game will allow me to purchase Christmas presents for my rad family. Thanks!

Soundtrack stream:

-- [Version 1.01] -- 10/20/2014
* BUG FIX: Fixed accidentally starting the game from the options screen by clicking.
* BUG FIX: Fixed multiple Santa bug in Level 1.
* GAME: Added slope-y platform to final boss fight for a touch of extra difficulty.

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Published2 years ago
AuthorJay Tholen


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Jay Tholen - Atomic Santa- Christmas Omega OST.zip 23 MB
Atomic Santa for Windows [1.01] 23 MB
Atomic Santa 1.01 [Use For Livestreaming/Recording] 23 MB


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This game is great style and music but it's ruined by bad controls/design. In this precision based platformer where you have to carefully kill each enemy you have a character who can't turn left, has a small attack range that isn't immediate, and an overly short and slippery jump that requires you to leap at the edge of platforms.

It expects too much and gives too little, and my attempts at beating the second stage resulted in two separate softlocks: one where I accidentally jumped over a cannon and had no way to get back up and destroy it nor die, and one against the boss when I got hit, entered a hit stun animation, and never left it.

It's a shame since it seemed like a lot of effort went into this and it has a very silly, fun story, but having to go through these stages again isn't worth it.

Hi, there! Just wanted to let you know that I featured this game in my YouTube Advent Calendar back on the 21st of December :D It was a really, really... interesting experience xD And pretty difficult too :p

This was...different.

How many drugs went into making it?