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This game is great style and music but it's ruined by bad controls/design. In this precision based platformer where you have to carefully kill each enemy you have a character who can't turn left, has a small attack range that isn't immediate, and an overly short and slippery jump that requires you to leap at the edge of platforms.

It expects too much and gives too little, and my attempts at beating the second stage resulted in two separate softlocks: one where I accidentally jumped over a cannon and had no way to get back up and destroy it nor die, and one against the boss when I got hit, entered a hit stun animation, and never left it.

It's a shame since it seemed like a lot of effort went into this and it has a very silly, fun story, but having to go through these stages again isn't worth it.

Hi, there! Just wanted to let you know that I featured this game in my YouTube Advent Calendar back on the 21st of December :D It was a really, really... interesting experience xD And pretty difficult too :p

This was...different.

How many drugs went into making it?