Hypnospace PLUS is here!

Hey there everyone! Super excited to bring you the HYPNOSPACE PLUS UPDATE! This is a HUGE update that's been in the works since launch and has been a real labor of love - so we hope you enjoy it as much as everyone enjoyed working on it! It's entirely free, so make sure you download the update before you boot it up next!

So what's included? WELL!
This has been a MASSIVE undertaking, but there are now a ton of new pages to find. Many of them are hidden away and unlisted, so you'll need to hunt them down, but we think it's well worth it!
We've also updated a bunch of places we thought were lacking, so make sure you keep a beady eye open for some new content, like over at Counselor Ronnie's!

> 2+ Hours of NEW MUSIC
We couldn't resist bringing back your favorites, so there are 2 hours of previously unreleased music headed your way! If you find you really enjoy it, you'll be able to get your hands on it soon as part of Hypnospace Vol. 3 and through each artist's own storess!

> New Cursors & Desktop Themes
There weren't enough ways to make your personal Hypnospace look the best it could possibly be.
Now there are almost enough ways.

> New Apps & Games to discover

We honestly couldn't resist the cries for a certain character to be added in and interactable with, and then they carried on. There are a bunch more ways to get involved with Hypnospace now, and we can't wait for you to discover them all!

> Much improved Linux support
We've been working closely with the community on making the Linux build much more stable, and we're happy to announce we're making those changes public! If you've been getting errors and launch failures, this version should hopefully fix those! Let us know if you run into any more problems!

ALSO, to celebrate this update Hypnospace Outlaw is 25% off through the end of August! Now's the perfect time to pick up the game, and bug your friends and family to do the same, whether on PC or their favorite console :)

Thanks again for all your support since launch. We've been touched by your stories, laughed at your memes and enjoyed every second of watching and hearing about you play! Let us know when you find something new!

<3 Mike, Jay, Nelson, ThatWhichIsMedia, and No More Robots


hypnospace-outlaw-win64.zip v2.5 768 MB
Version 2.25e Aug 27, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-win32.zip v2.5 759 MB
Version 2.25e Aug 27, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-osx64.zip v2.5 784 MB
Version 2.25e Aug 27, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-linux64.zip v2.5 787 MB
Version 2.25e Aug 27, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-linux32.zip v2.5 796 MB
Version 2.25e Aug 27, 2020

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Not letting me download the update. Bought the game on GOG. Not sure if the game already has this update installed already, or if I have to download this.

if you downloaded via GOG it should already have the update! Check the top-left corner during the text-based boot-up sequence, if it says v2.34 then you're good to go :)