HypnOS v2.34 Update!

We're so excited with how much you've all been loving Hypnospace Plus! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us on discord, twitter, in the forums and our emails. We've loved every minute of watching you rediscover Hypnospace!

For the last little while the team have been hard at work clearing up pesky bugs and adding in EVEN MORE neat content for you to find!

Here's what's new in HypnOS v2.34:

- More than a dozen unheard music tracks (these are ALL amazing)
- Performance improvements
- A bunch of minor fixes on pages (thank you for all your reports on these!)
- Boot-up now shows "HypnOS+"
- Tunebox now uses case insensitive sorting
- Credits updated
- Game engine updated to NWJS 0.49.0


- Weird graphics bugs with videos (again, thank you so much for all your reports and help getting this one fixed up!)
- Long splash-screen loading times on low-spec machines no longer soft-lock the game
- Hammering content during a page transition no longer disables all user input
- No longer possible for your Hypnocoin wallet to go into the negative
- Pets can no longer poop offscreen (but they do still poop, sorry about that)
- Unintentional Axx. sequence break disabled
- Status bar/text above Hypnospace user pages no longer goes offscreen
- Soft lock in Outlaw when pausing at specific times fixed
- Issues with Tunebox music file importing fixed

Have fun playing, and as always let us know how you get on!


hypnospace-outlaw-win64.zip v2.34 735 MB
Version 2.34 Nov 06, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-win32.zip v2.34 729 MB
Version 2.34 Nov 06, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-osx64.zip v2.34 771 MB
Version 2.34 Nov 07, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-linux64.zip v2.34b 743 MB
Version 2.34 Nov 07, 2020
hypnospace-outlaw-linux32.zip v2.34b 745 MB
Version 2.34 Nov 07, 2020

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